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Storage & Handling

The company possesses key infrastructure which includes a bulk storage tank farm and handling facilities at Msasa.The company maintains these significant plant machinery and equipment for that purpose. The heavy capitalisation of the company enables it to effectively and safely store and handle Diesel, Petrol and Jet A1 on behalf of its customer NOIC.

Pipeline Transportation

Petrozim Line (Pvt) Ltd owns the 208km long Feruka-Msasa pipeline and is responsible for the bulk transportation of liquid and gaseous fuels into the country. Its services include transporting petroleum products, operating and maintaining the Feruka-Harare pipeline. These include pipeline ancillary assets from Feruka to Msasa, the pump station at Wilton near Marondera. It plays a pivotal role in the national fuel supply chain as it transports fuel products such as Diesel, Petrol and Jet A1 through the pipeline. .In terms of the contribution, the company delivers around 90 percent of the petrol and diesel requirements for the country.